Explainable AI, as-a-service

API enabling product & operational teams to quickly deploy and run explainable AIs. craft ai decodes your data streams to deliver self learning services.
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XAI on time series to empower employees & clients

Business process Data
Improve knowledge workers

Provide your employees with assistants that learn specific expertise and automate knowledge work.

Customer behavior Data
Boost customer engagement

Learn every customer behavior and provide them with individualized experiences.

IoT data
Enable predictive maintenance

Learn systems nominal behaviors to anticipate failures and avoid business interruptions.
Industry 4.0
Retail & Commerce
craft ai unique API enables operational teams to effortlessly run self-learning services, taking the pain out of industrializing AI

Individualized Models

By meter/sensor/client approach Automated deployment Scalable API

Continuous Learning

Robust & validated algorithms Automated learning workflow Keep data & models in sync

White Box ML

Explainability by design Control for managers Trust for end-users

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