AI‑as‑a‑service that makes
Things Apps Assistants Processes adapt to you

With craft ai, developers create services that adapt to each user in minutes. craft ai agents continuously take decisions based on context and learning.

Smart Home

Hassle-free automation
Hassle-free automation

To go beyond simplistic remote control for their connected things and make their home actually smart, users are expected to manually author automation scenarios. Let’s get real, nobody wants to do that!

With craft ai, it is easy to make any connected thing automatically learn how to automate itself based on user habits: the right interface is no interface!

Mobile customer engagement

Personalized UX
Personalized UX

New mobile dashboards and generic push notifications are widely used to engage with customers and ultimately turn them into loyal fans, especially in traditional industries like banking & insurance. Truth is, they might be overwhelming and feel like spam.

craft ai makes it possible to push the right message at the right time for each user and deliver personalized services.

Health & Wellness

Coaching app
Coaching app

With the rise of affordable connected sensors, coaching apps are now supposed to help us staying healthy and even losing weight. But failing to go beyond generic advice, their actual impact will only last a couple of weeks.

With craft ai, coaching apps continuously adapt to each user and provide actionable advice, just like a personal coach.

Home Support

Anomaly Detection
Anomaly Detection

One of the challenges of home support solutions is the ability to sending the right alert at the right time.

With craft ai monitoring solutions learn each person habits to automatically generate alerts for both specific extraordinary events and slow progressive decline in autonomy.

  • Agents

    In craft ai, you create, at least, one agent per user. Each agent is independent and knows about the context of its user: it only takes personalized decisions.

  • Whitebox Machine Learning

    Based on the history of an agent’s context, craft ai uses a range of machine learning techniques to generate a decision tree defining which decision needs to be taken in a given context; this model is no blackbox: it is easy to understand and debug.

  • + Hybrid model

    craft ai does the heavy lifting in the cloud: the context history analysis and learning. However, the decision-taking part can be embedded, even in low power devices, to reduce latency and be resilient to network hiccups.

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