High level API with just what you need to bring AI to your service.

No PhD in AI required!

But if you hold one, we have a job for you.

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AI as-a-service

Quickly deploy Explainable AI capabilities into existing processes

1 - Plug & play AI API

craft ai API is super easy to integrate and provides a unique automated Machine Learning platform. Get started on AI immediately and enjoy first results quickly.

2 - Data engineering, automated

Don’t have an AI team to preprocess your data? Don’t worry, craft ai automated data engineering does the heavy lifting automatically. Connect once and keep getting value.

3 - Explainable Machine Learning

Cognitive automation is about capturing trustable insights at the right level. craft ai learns a specific, fully explainable predictive model for each customer, activity, building, sensor...

4 - Production-ready models

Still no AI team? Still ok, craft ai scales up seamlessly and its whitebox predictive models are continuously validated to make sure that the best ones are used in production.

5 - Super powered Human, forever!

What’s next ? Nothing and you’ll love it! By design craft ai will continue to learn from your new data. Your craft ai powered apps will never stop delivering value to your users.