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Craft AI successfully applied to Cybersecurity, outperforms benchmark

Following our selection for the START@SystemX Cybersecurity program, our collaboration with Airbus & Thales is now well underway! We’ve successfully applied our AI to an intrusion detection system (IDS) case and shared conclusive results last month. SystemX did a benchmark that showed that craft ai outperforms the other partners IDS in terms of detection performance. Moreover craft ai explainable decision makes its scoring outputs actually usable both by subsequent systems and by human experts. It makes all the difference!

Prediction performance is nice, Explainability is key

FrenchData invited us at their fifth Meetup and we decided to share the most important thing we’ve learned putting cognitive automation in production for our clients: prediction performance is only the first step. Obviously >90% is great, but scaling AI also requires explainability. Without explainability to enable interactions between AI and users, as well as automated updates, you’ll be stuck in the PoC status forever. 👉Get the slides including an energy consumption use case here

GDPR is your friend, Craft AI is there to make sure of it!

full access data

Repeatedly deleting the data of customers opting out and removing their impacts from predictive models can turn into a major pain when the AI solution you use is not designed for that. Bad news is, a lot of them are...

👉Learn more about why it is so simple to deal with GDPR requirements using craft ai API

Craft AI joins Impact IA, to promote AI you can trust


Following AI for Humanity in March, Microsoft has launched Impact IA, a ambitious initiative that aims at promoting the development of a responsible AI in France. CAC 40 corporations, IT companies, consulting firms and startups like craft ai join forces to support this initiative and reflect on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the daily lives of French people in terms of health, mobility, energy, environment and food.

Craft AI joins the Hub France IA initiative

Hub France IA

As a one of the founder, Craft AI is an enthusiastic supporter of the French AI Hub that aims at creating a French AI sector by mobilizing the ecosystem involved in AI to gather expertises of every actor (major companies, ETI, startups, schools and universities, research institutes, organizations, and meetups).

Welcome to our new team member!

Guillaume Hattenberg

Guillaume Hattenberg

Joining the craft ai team as a data scientist, Guillaume will work on improving the product alongside the R&D team and support clients’ projects. He always wears his sunglasses even under cloudy sky! 🕶️🕶️🕶️

Yrieix Leprince

Yrieix Leprince

Most people know Yrieix has been recruited by craft ai to answer the growing demand in the Customer Success team. But few people realize that the real reason was the need to break the dual boot setting up current record. The truth is, he already has successfully broken up the chrono even before signing his employment contract.⚡

Craft AI is hiring!


We are looking for a BizDev to join the Sales team! You love AI? Tech? and startup? Join Hector and become our future craftian by APPLYING HERE!

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