How do Dassault Aviation & DGA apply Explainable AI for decision support in the smart cockpit?
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In 2018, Craft AI has been selected among the best AI solutions by DGA & Dassault Aviation through the Man Machine Teaming (MMT) call for projects to apply its explainable AI solution to the Cognitive Air Combat System.

How can explainable AI meet defense needs?

AI is becoming a major technology issue for the Defense sector and contributes to maintaining operational superiority. AI helps defense forces carry out their missions in an operational environment that grows more complex every day. AI is a great support to help make more effective decisions, better understand and anticipate threats in order to act more quickly, accurately and confidently.

To apply AI in its strategy, the Defence sector needs to maintain Human control. Craft AI explainable AI API fits to the needs of the Defence operational teams. Based on 3 major features craft ai provides:

A proactive assistant for better contextualized decision…

To carry out their missions successfully, pilots must perform a certain number of actions to configure their user interface (visualization of the tactical situation, sensors, communication…). This can be tedious and critical during the intensive phases of the mission as the amount of data grows.

Therefore craft ai proposes to simplify the configuration of the pilot interface through its ASPIC assistant and provide a synthetic vision to the pilot with just the useful information, by:

…that learns on his own to become even better!

The ASPIC assistant is built from predictive models generated by Machine Learning. These models enable to create dynamic decision rules that are used to recommend the most appropriate UI configurations at the right time, based on the current context and past situations.

Craft AI is explainable by design, at the individual level and based on continuous learning. This makes ASPIC capable of differentiating each crew by learning their own habits and sharing experiences. The data collected from new missions will be automatically digested to improve craft ai models. Finally, every recommendation and decision will be provided with a confidence rate and the underlying reasons, to maintain control and ensure acceptance of the concept.

Craft AI is a dual, explainable AI technology

ASPIC is a good example of an application of explainable AI on a predictive UX case. Craft AI is also applied to similar cases in other sectors including banking, healthcare and human resources. Craft AI is already deployed by a dozen customers from various industries such as energy, IOT, industry 4.0, utilities… . We can mention major leaders such as Dalkia, Total Direct Energie, Medclinik, Paris City Hall….. that apply Craft AI explainable AI on high added value use cases ranging from business process automation, predictive maintenance, coaching to predictive UX...