CRAFT NEWS January19 📣 | AI deployed, success story, Dassault Aviation, Craft AI Energy
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The Craft AI team wishes you all the best for the year 2019! May it bring you success in all your AI projects! Our main goal for 2019 is to keep providing you with the best explainable AI solution ever! ❤️

2018, a year in review

🙌- Client case

Craft AI is now successfully deployed in 4 verticals : Energy, Utilities, Healthcare & Industry 4.0, improving knowledge workers efficiency, boosting clients engagement and enabling predictive maintenance. Check some of the coolest client cases:

Craft AI solves key issues of the Energy Market energy performance predictive maintenance!🌍 Example of an IA in production @Dalkia

Predictive UX : MMT project - French MoD & Dassault Aviation have selected craft ai to answer key issues of the Smart Cockpit. > Official Press Release

💡- Tech Challenge

Following our selection for the START@SystemX Cybersecurity program, craft ai has been successfully applied to Cybersecurity, outperforming benchmark! > To remind you what it's all about craft ai cybersecurity benchmark

🌈- Community

The Microsoft AI Factory has become a vibrant AI ecosystem and we’re proud to have co-founded it! > To remind you what it's all about AI Factory

Microsoft asked us to join the collective impact IA as a founding member to promote AI you can trust! To remind you what it's all about :

🔬- Science

We shared some of our latest progress on explainable AI at ICTAI 2018 (30th International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence)! Find the complete paper here : Explainable AI R&D - Inducing Readable Oblique Decision Trees

👩🏼‍💻- API

Now Craft AI put more than 10 AIs in production! It is super cool to see that it represents more than 100K of predictive models generated & deployed each month! 🤟

craft ai integration kit for energy prediction in JavaScript is out!

First news from 2019!

🛦- French MoD & Dassault Aviation have selected craft ai technology

MMT project

At the end of December, MoD announced the first batch of the "Man Machine Teaming" (MMT) project dedicated to artificial intelligence applied to aircraft systems.Dassault Aviation selected Craft AI out of 150 startups, R&D labs & defense integrators to answer issues of the Smart Cockpit. The ASPIC project aims to create a proactive assistant able to highlight relevant information and recommend actions for each crew. To succeed in this project, explainable AI and continuous learning are key to keep control over the decisions of the assistant and ensure that it keeps adapting its recommendations to user’s feedbacks. > Read the Official Press Release

📰- How to get actionable insights from energy consumption data streams in minutes?

craft ai energy

We launch Craft AI energy, a solution that brings craft ai’s explainable AI as-a-service solution to the world of energy! As energy prices keep going up and more environmental regulations are issued, many B2B and B2C firms are committed to optimizing their energy consumption. From coaching occupants to detecting malfunctioning devices and identifying consumption drifts, there is much to learn from consumption data: it carries valuable, yet personal information about individual habits. But monitoring it is hard, and understanding it even harder. craft ai energy is the AI building blocks to solve this energy performance optimization stakes. > More info

🛠️- Impact AI reveals its collaborative tools for Responsible AI

Impact AI

Impact AI announces the publication of a collaborative library of technical tools, training and resources related to responsible AI. This platform will allow anyone involved in responsible AI projects to find concrete support to help them set them up. On the occasion of its release, Impact AI is organising a major conference on 25th January 2019, bringing together researchers, start-ups, associations and companies at the forefront of these reflections on the French, European and international scene. As an active contributor, craft ai will be there to share AI best-practices, tools and vision. > More info

👩🏻‍🎤- craft ai invited to demonstrate the strategic impact of AI for digital actors

On February 5th, IDC is organizing an Innovation Tech morning to highlight the new players in digital innovation and to respond to the challenges of digital innovation. IDC invited us to explain how AI has already an impact on every business.

🌱- The team is growing!

Louis Neyrand

Louis Neyrand joined us to complete our sales team as a sales development representative! He will help us to identify and qualify business opportunities. After watching the famous Spielberg movie “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”, Louis thinks that our logo could become a real person… Why not!

stanley bouncing

🎈- Move to new offices close to Station F and AI Factory!

craft ai has just left Station F to join our new offices at WeWork! If you want to visit us and discuss about your AI projects, stop by 198 avenue de France, 75013! > To meet us choose your date here!

📺- Press coverage