CRAFT NEWS Feb18 📣| CES, Legrand, Hostabee, AI leaders, Cybersecurity, arXiv, new team member...
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AI is all the rage @CES, again!

This year, we were happy to support both Legrand, the global leader in electrical and digital building infrastructures and Hostabee, the startup saving the world one beehive at a time.

Legrand recently launched its new interoperability program "Works with Legrand" and put AI at its core to improve overall user experience.

We’re delighted to keep working with legrand to “ [...] make it possible to imagine a self-learning building, which learns about users’ habits by gathering data from the various connected products located inside.”

Read the full Press Release Here


Hostabee presented its connected device which can be installed in any type of bee hives to monitor their behaviors and report back to the beekeepers. Powered by Craft AI's AI API, it enables beekeepers to remotely check the status of the hive and anticipate when something could go wrong.


AI Night takes over CES for AI

AI Night final

On 8 February, we were invited to the first AI Night in Paris as one of the founding members of the Microsoft AI Factory to pitch to French corporate & government leaders. The Microsoft AI Factory was well represented alongside other top AI startups like Snips & Heuritech. Great event, great talks #FranceIsAI!

Craft AI selected by SystemX, Airbus & Thales to join the Start@SystemX program for Cybersecurity

System X

During 6 months, we will work in collaboration with SystemX, Airbus & Thales and apply our explainable AI to a major Cybersecurity issue: network security. The goal is to prototype intrusions detection and processing semi automation through Network Behavior Analysis, based on craft ai white box predictive models.

Read the full Press Release here

Improving prediction with more balanced decision tree splits

Our first publication on arXiv about “Information gain ratio correction: Improving prediction with more balanced decision tree splits” is available HERE!

Abstract: Decision trees algorithms use a gain function to select the best split during the tree's induction. This function is crucial to obtain trees with high predictive accuracy. Some gain functions can suffer from a bias when it compares splits of different arities. Quinlan proposed a gain ratio in C4.5's information gain function to fix this bias. In this paper, we present an updated version of the gain ratio that performs better as it tries to fix the gain ratio's bias for unbalanced trees and some splits with low predictive interest.

Read the full article here

Welcome to our new team member!

####Tom Puech####


Joining our craft ai team as a mad scientist, Tom will help us improve even more the craft ai core engine. After stopping by and completing his final UTC (Technology University of Compiègne, France) semester in Singapore on deep learning and NLP, we're happy to welcome him!


####Thomas Brouder####


He just finished his last year at the IMT Atlantique and we’re delighted to welcome Thomas as a new member of the customer success team!


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