Hack the Office

Hack the Office

Are you ready to face the challenge with us?

If you are AI passionate or a real AI expert, this hackathon is made for you! For the first time, Credit Agricole take the initiative to organize a 100% focused on AI hackathon event in collaboration to BeMyApp. On the occasion craft ai has been chosen to be one of the partners of this event. Our new learning is also perfect for the theme of this hackathon, isn't it? ;)

It’s time to change methods and work tools radically by imagining the workspace of tomorrow: “HACK THE OFFICE!”! Are you ready to face the challenge with us? Our team will be present throughout the event to support and guide the participants to succeed in their projects. We can't wait to see what projects will win!

Here at craft ai we like cool stuff, as a result in relation with BeMyApp we are working on a surprise for you... We'll say no more, you will find out soon enough. If unfortunately you can't be there, don’t worry, we'll prepare a photo report of the event.

Stay tuned!

More information ? contact us: contact@craft.ai