Futur en Seine 2015

Futur en Seine 2015

Save the date!

The Futur en Seine european digital festival will take place from the 11th to the 21st of June in the heart of Paris and in the whole Paris Region and the craft ai team will be there!

This international festival, organized by Cap Digital, Paris Region’s business cluster for digital contents and services, presents the latest digital French and international innovations to professionals and the general public. Always attracting more and more visitors, the 6th edition will start with the Innovation village, during 4 days from 11th till 14th at CNAM, Musée des Arts et Métiers, Gaîté Lyrique and at Square Emile Chautemps (exhibition of innovative projects, conferences, workshops…). Futur en Seine will then continue all over Paris Region through many partners’ events until June 21st 2015.

The Innovation Village reveals an exhibition with more than 100 prototypes and innovative projects, conferences, workshops and festive events. During four days, the craft ai team is invited by MASA Group at the OCTAVIA booth to share with the public prototypes using our AI engine to automate intelligent behaviors and decision.

OCTAVIA is a research project led by MASA Group. Laureate of the PIA - FSN program launched in 2012 by the Direction Générale des Entreprises (DGE), the project is also labeled by the Cap Digital cluster. The main goal of the project is to improve the immersion of a virtual environment thanks to the presence of living scenes played by autonomous non-player characters (NPC). These scenes execute collective behaviors appropriate to to the player’s interactions to give life to the environment. In OCTAVIA, MASA develops an innovative tool integrated in Unity3D to quickly design and instantiate living scenes. The craft ai engine is used to automate the orchestration of the scenes as well as the individual behaviors of the NPCs. The general architecture was described in the just-released Game AI Pro 2 in Chapter 11.

Theme Mall, powered by craft ai

Especially for the festival, MASA and craft ai developed together a small video game named Theme Mall to demonstrate the added value of living scenes to populate virtual environment. The pitch: “a virtual shopping center in which the player should cleverly place virtual shops to optimize the purchases and thus the collected money”. In Theme Mall living scenes are used to generate dynamic events during the game and to populate the shops in an engaging way. Each NPC and living scene behave and react thanks to the craft ai engine.

You want to play with Theme Mall? You want to learn more about craft ai? You want to talk with us about the use of craft ai in other domains such as IoT, mobile and web apps?

Come to see us at Gaîté Lyrique - 4th floor - MASA Group’s booth - OCTAVIA and celebrate digital innovation at Futur en Seine!