craft ai public release


Matthieu Boussard
Oct 07, 2015 Product

craft ai public release

The craft ai team is proud to announce the first public release of craft ai. craft ai is an AI engine for developers, powered by a visual editor, for apps and IoT. We went through two months of closed beta, followed by two months of open beta, for finally releasing this first public version of craft ai today.

Of course, even if craft ai is not in beta anymore, you can still try it for free!

As a matter of fact, we're committed to keep craft ai free during development.


Stable API

With this first release of craft ai also comes a stable API. During the beta, we did many iteration/refactor to finally reach this API. We will now focus on keeping it forward compatible. One of the exceptions is any security related changes, where, if any security issue is raised, we will do everything necessary to fix it.


One of our goal with this release is to let users build their apps directly from craft ai. The workbench allows you to handle all the creation, management and inspection of you craft ai app.

Action Library

For this release, we introduced a set of predefined actions to let users quickly build their own smart app even faster! This starts with google, with the set of "google actions". Without any extra code, you are now able to send email, check and modify calendars, and use maps from craft ai.


We would like to thank all of our beta users. Thanks to their feedbacks, we were able to improve craft ai. We will continue to be as close as possible to you and to take into account your feedbacks and comments.