CRAFT NEWS Nov16 📣 | Meet George, Websummit, Slush, IoT challenges...


Gwendoline Soulier
Nov 18, 2016 NewsPredictive UXRetail & Commerce

CRAFT NEWS Nov16 📣 | Meet George, Websummit, Slush, IoT challenges...

New use cases, cool events to meet with the team and a new API version to help you getting started even faster!

Meet George, the new Air Liquide Chat Bot


During Air Liquide Hackathon “SparkCX”, we built George. George won this hackathon not just because he is fun but because George knows Air Liquide professional clients needs. He keeps learning how professionals buy Air Liquide products to offer the simplest and most efficient re-ordering process. Want to know more about George and how it works? Read this blog post: Building an e-commerce bot powered by craft ai

Contact us if you want to create yours!*

WebSummit was all about AI!

Zachary Bogue

Last year, at the same time, we survived to our first WebSummit. So, this year, strong of our past experience, we decided to try again armed with good shoes and throat lozenges. During one intensive day as a BETA, we met hundreds of companies, startups and investors that wantwanted to know more about one of the three most exciting startup according the AI industry top 50! If didn’t manage to attend the talk by Zachary Bogue, you should read this summary of the conference: AI tackles real business-critical problmes: “deep-stack"

We missed you at the event? Contact us for a (more quiet) meeting or come to visit us at the CES Las Vegas in January!

Late boarding sucks, let's fix that!

This month, Air France supported by BeMyApp launched its first Priority Client hackathon. We take part of this challenge as a technology partner to help the teams to develop their projects alongside Microsoft, Recast.AI, Foule Factory and Wiidii. Four teams, three external and one internal came out winners!

#Slush16 with Samsung


A big thanks to Samsung for inviting us to share their booth at Slush16 (and to the fantastic Gaiging restaurant :) )! craft ai partners with ARTIK Cloud to enable every developers to create actually smart services for the Internet of Things. We have demonstrated how craft ai can be integrated within ARTIK Cloud to create IoT services that adapt to each minutes!

New IoT Challenges: Man/Machine interactions and human factor

The 29th November, we had the opportunity to show our latest R&D work at the French National day of IoT in front of leaders from academia and industry. We explained why it is critical to build personalized automation scenarios and account for the temporal aspect in the learning of habits.

craft ai API

During the past month we released two new versions.

2016-11-25 (v0.17)

  • Fix zoom in the inspector
  • Fix agents creation in the sandbox

2016-12-07 (v0.18)

Add version to the API routes. The API is now accessible under

  • Add agent configuration parameter learning period, which defines how far into the past context becomes unimportant for a decision model. Have a look at the documentation for more details. If no value is provided a default value is used for convenience, but you really should set one that makes sense for your application.
  • Fix bug where the tree/timeline was not refreshed when changing the menu
  • Add login pop up when accessing a protected page
  • Fix fit to screen functionality
  • Fix minor style bug on the agents list in the inspector

If you are not yet registered on our API it is the right time to do so and discover the latest improvements of craft ai! Sign up HERE.

If you're already using craft ai, please don't forget to update your client :)

craft ai Sandbox

Many of you have asked us to have a tool to experiment craft ai API without writting a single line of code. And we did it! We created the sandbox.