CRAFT NEWS June17 📣 | DataCity, AI for energy managers, hyper-personalized retail services


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CRAFT NEWS June17 📣 | DataCity, AI for energy managers, hyper-personalized retail services

What’s new at craft ai this month!👇

#DataCity: using data to optimize the household waste collection service in Paris

After 3 months of intense work with our teammates from SUEZ and Mairie de Paris supported by the awesome NUMA, we were thrilled to pitch during Demo Day held at City Hall of Paris on June 6.

The first results are amazing: the craft ai predictive models can already help reduce the number of bins in Paris streets by 46%! We’ll keep working hard to improve this figure and provide the best service for all the people in charge of managing trash in Paris, starting with Paris 14th district... Stay tuned.

press coverage (direct links):

#SmartEnergiesExpo: How Artificial Intelligence transforms the energy management

Smart Energies

C.Chopinaud (craft ai) and B.Dupiol (Dalkia)

On June 7, Dalkia presented the impact of Artificial Intelligence on energy management at the Smart Energy Expo Paris. During the talk, Dalkia explained how the AI-based assistant developed with craft ai help its Energy Managers improve the energy efficiency of their customers’ sites. AI speaking, the assistant is able to learn the analytical processes implemented by Energy Managers and make predictions achieving an accuracy of more than 90%... and won’t stop at that! It is designed to never stop learning from the Energy Managers and let them focus on higher value work.

#VivaTech2017: let's talk about AI for hyper-personalized retail services with Carrefour!

This year again we had the opportunity to exhibit at VivaTech, this time in partnership with Carrefour. We have been selected by Carrefour’s Food & Retail lab to showcase how craft ai can learn customers’ shopping habits from their purchase history. For this second edition, VivaTech was even busier than last year: still a lot of cool innovations, still a ton of startups, still a gazillion of visitors, still no AC. Lots of people came to our booth to learn about our API and how it can be applied to their hyper-personnalization use cases.

The craft ai team is growing!

Welcome to Antonin Leroux


He joined us to reinforce the R&D team and extend the craft ai API. We found his resume on LinkedIn and it was love at first sight even after having spent several speed dating in our offices (oops ... several interviews).

Barney Stinson

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