CRAFT NEWS April17 📣 | Datacity announcement, SIDO, Press, Changelog...


Gwendoline Soulier
Apr 28, 2017 NewsIoTPredictive UXUtilities

CRAFT NEWS April17 📣 | Datacity announcement, SIDO, Press, Changelog...

Find out what you missed this month... and more:

Some news from DataCity: first public announcement!

Bin Time

Last month we announced that craft ai was selected by Suez and the Paris City Council for one of the Datacity challenges organized by the Numa: “Information about waste collection times”. In April, we worked hard developing the prototype that will be put in the hands of a first group of motivated Parisians. On April the 27th we did a first public announcement in front of all the partners and medias. We are glad to say our project was deemed one of the most original of DataCity by the French Newspaper!

If you want to know more about DataCity be sure to check the cool coverage the project got during the past month.

DATACITY Paris in video:

Back from Human Centered Hackathon by SIDO

Sido Hackathon

This year again the SIdO was held on April 5th and 6th at the Convention Center in Lyon. This French flagship event for IoT and innovation was an opportunity for JTEKT and Wavestone to organize the "Human centered” hackathon around “Connected Cars”. As a technical partner and jury member, craft ai actively participated to the mentoring of the 15 teams that worked hard during two days to create innovative solutions for the vehicle of tomorrow.

And the winners are...

🏆 1st Price - 4 Wheels 4 Fun - Driving as a game: Reproduce the sensations of a sporty driving while ensuring the safety of the vehicle and its environment

🏆 2nd Price - Carkumo - Customizing the settings in a rental vehicle fleet: the vehicle's interior adapts automatically to the driver's preferences (powered by craft ai)

🏆 Vision Price - H-Car by Michelin - Support the driver in the transition to the autonomous car: create a trustworthy relationship between the driver and his vehicle by learning and reproducing his habits (powered by craft ai)

Congratulations to them!

At craft ai we believe Connected Cars is a really interesting use case, car is one of the places where complexity has become the norm and hyper personalization an expectation. craft ai is a very good fit to tackle these challenges thanks to AI! We’d be happy to discuss about your use case, let’s get in touch at

Press book of April

See more article...

Changelog - aka what's new in craft ai this month

  • Introduce shareable agent inspector link
    • Create and destroy short safe links to share the inspector on any agent
    • Available in the inspector
    • Available in the API
  • Introduce a new wellness sandbox showcasing how craft ai can learn about sleeping habits to personalize a coaching app
  • Improve the smart home sandbox
  • Remove the inspector's now and refresh buttons
  • Fix connection error that happens when the login fails once and then succeeds
  • Fix problem when reloading at
  • Fix various issues related to the sandbox: shorter URLs, proper redirection when not logged out, improved dataset explorer performances.

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