Introducing craft ai


Clodéric Mars
May 11, 2015 NewsIoT

Introducing craft ai

Today, we’re unveiling craft ai an AI engine designed for developers. Our goal is to enable any app, web or IoT service developer to add intelligent automation to their product. craft ai is the new evolution of a process we started years ago working on AI for games & simulations building successful products.

Working toward providing the best AI creative suite for the “3d virtual worlds” markets (Simulation, Games, …), we combined the best techniques, such as behavior trees with an unprecedentedly simple and easy to use authoring workflow allowing developers in these fields to create engaging and believable non playable characters. A few months ago, we had the intuition that we could apply the same technology and principles to other use cases in different markets. The newfound “trendiness” of AI and automation in the technology space gave us a ton of ideas. We built simple demos, leveraging popular web services (Google Calendar & Maps, YQL, Highrise, …) to provide contextual and interactive services. We successfully convinced several developers and ourselves of the potential of the technology in those new use cases.

craft ai is the transformation of this intuition into an actual project. We have identified some first target markets on which we are working with early partners: connected devices and IoT; enterprise applications and especially customer relations; mobile & web interactive assistants. This is just the start, we are looking for new interesting applications, maybe you’ll find interesting new applications for craft ai’s intelligent automation.

If this promise sounds interesting, there are several ways to contact and follow us: