How I met our Mother?


Caroline Chopinaud
May 18, 2015 Use CaseIoT

How I met our Mother?

Once upon a time, the craft ai team was looking for their new connected object… To be honest, we are huge fans of connected objects (probably due to our geeky side) and with the hype of the IoT and the feedbacks of the CES 2015, it was necessary to go further and to go there now! ... So, when the stereotypical girl in me saw her, a white doll floating in the clouds, it was obvious... we needed her... the’s Mother!

The Mother? A cross between a russian doll and a Barbapapa managing a set of micro-sensors called cookies - good mothers make lots of good cookies - to monitor your life. Put a cookie in your bed and it will tell you how you sleep, put it in a drawer and it will tell you when you gave in to the temptation of sugar, put it in your hat... well... definitively an authentic overprotective mother. The Mother is a great playground in the IoT domain for craft ai, so, we quickly bought her. With extreme caution, we opened the box... connected the doll... activated the cookies and... and set one up to detect when our M&M’s box was opened, it was awesome! We tested and enjoyed the Mother, and after a couple of days, we started to imagine a world of possibilities, a wealth of improvements to the Mother’s capabilities, thanks to the craft ai engine.

The Mother watches your life, retrieves a lot of data about your activities, knows if you had a good night, and how well you brushed your teeth. But it seems something could be added to go one step further… something that can make the Mother smarter, able to propose evolutive and adaptive services, always in context, and prevent her from ending her life as a decorative object, or worse, in a dusty box in the cellar. With such a large range of existing inputs it should be possible to provide the Mother with high-level interactive and proactive behaviors. Well, she already winks her eyes nicely, mimics perfectly the cry of a mouse, and her API is open. I can dream using craft ai to create the perfect Mother…


Imagine, a Mother with decision-making capabilities and connectors to the apps we all use! A Mother who knows you very well, one that you actually can heavily rely on to assist you.

You are a young man who struggles to be on time to your appointments? You are looking for a solution to have your loving mother at home without having her physically with you? You need the Big Mother, a service that monitors your life and gets you out of your bed on time considering your daily routine, just like your mother did when you were a lazy teenager.

The Mother'd retrieve information from Facebook Events, Google Calendar and even La Fourchette’s bookings to know what your day will be like. She'd check if you're still asleep, wishing you a sweet morning, then shaking you a bit if you are late, and finally forcing you out of bed with an unbearable sound. She'd decide to wake you up later if the traffic is good or earlier if your usual train was canceled. She'd remind you to take an umbrella because of the forecasted showers in the afternoon or to not wear your preferred Aperture Science T-shirt as you have a date in a fancy restaurant. And if all fails, she'd send an apologetic email to your contacts and cancel your meetings.

This upgraded Mother is just two steps away from preparing your morning espresso... what else? Maybe this real mom is not a dream... craft ai can help turn it into reality!