DLD Tel Aviv - the place to bee!


Gwendoline Soulier
Oct 07, 2016 EventIoT

DLD Tel Aviv - the place to bee!

From September 26 to 28, was held the largest High-tech conference in Israel: DLD Tel Aviv. La French Tech, with BeMyApp, took this opportunity to organize a hackathon where we took part as a jury member and partner alongside our friends Recast.AI as well as SNCF, Algovalue, Silex and many others…. As a partner we offered a special craft ai prize for the best project using our API! You will have to wait until the end of the article to find out who won our prize :)

A mix of 10 French and Israeli startups took part in the hackathon with projects around mobility, fintech and IoT. The hackathon was very intense, and brains were in turmoil during these 48 hours to develop innovative projects! You can see all the 10 startups here: http://hackdld.bemyapp.com/ Among the 10 startups, 3 won a prize, two of which won their place at CES Las Vegas 2017.

Congratulations to...

Destygo, winner of the SNCF challenge


Destygo has been awarded the SNCF challenge (SNCF is the French railway company) thanks to their awesome conversational travel bot. The team built a conversational artificial intelligence aiming to improve customer service and simplify interaction with travel agents and offer a personal assistant by chat for travelers. For instance, Destygo can help travelers to find alternatives if their flight is cancelled.

Growee, best Israeli startup project


This is one of the two big winners of the challenge. They won an invitation for two team members to live the CES experience in Las Vegas in January 2017 plus the AlgoValue prize. Their project is an innovative solution to let urban farmers automate their hydroponic gardens thanks to an IoT device that combines automation, advanced analytics, and professional growth protocols.

Hostabee, best French startup project


They were chosen as the best french startup project by La French Tech. Hostabee enables beekeeper to remotely and non-intrusively check the status of the their hives, especially in an urban context. They save the bees, they save the world!

Maxime Murlaz founder and CEO explains it best:

Hostabee has created a connected device installed as a false frame in a beehive, that enables beekeepers to remotely check the status of the hive. Then, using the Hostabee app, the beekeeper can make decisions and anticipate tasks, and can also avoid to loose time in unnecessary visits. The Hostabee decision support services are built upon the data collected from inside the beehive, and also uses external data about weather conditions.

The Hostabee decision support needs to be more accurate of hive state. That's why we decided to implement AI in Hostabee project. The hackathon was a good opportunity for Hostabee to prototype this feature using craft ai.

Let’s talk about the work we’ve done in a little more details. The backend of our app is in python and run in Google App Engine. We used craft ai Python client - and run into some slight compatibility issues, that were easily overcome. In minutes, we sent a real beehive’s historical data (temperature and humidity inside the beehive) and learned our first decision tree. Next step, how to use it? Just read the doc ;) A good point for craft ai, the documentation is really good. What we end up doing is comparing the real observations with craft ai “predictions” to raise alerts on abnormal behavior.

For the demo it was more than enough! We are now working on improving the model to create a full-fledged beekeeper assistant in collaboration with the craft ai team.

Indeed enough it was! Their work and enthusiasm were rewarded with the craft ai prize!

Bonus: The journey of Stanley - Seeking his new family

Hostabee’s bees found a new friend at the end of the startup challenge!

When we awarded our prize to Hostabee, they were far from suspecting that a new member would join their team! In addition to a free subscription to our API and days of expertise, we created a trophy representing our logo: Stanley Kubick. So he took life and joined his new family! Hostabee was happy to adopt him :)