The wonderful story of craft ai at Futur en Seine 2016

by Gwendoline Soulier | Jul 18, 2016 | Event | AI 

The wonderful story of craft ai at Futur en Seine 2016

Futur en Seine is THE french digital innovation festival in Paris. It showcases all the objects and services of the future. Yes, this is the best way to present craft ai to both the general public and the professionals, curious to discover the latest innovative things on the market!

We met many interesting people during 4 days and we lived a key moment: Each year, the festival organizes awards for innovation and this year we were surprised, but very happy, to receive the award for the best technological innovation. Three other companies won a prize:

  • Pandasuite (jury’s prize)

  • Vooter (public’s prize)

  • Lunii (design’s prize)

Thank you again to the Futur en Seine festival, IRT SystemX and Cap Digital for this great distinction.

It is a very good news for us, isn’t it? We must confess that we are a bit proud of it :) This prize is an opportunity to emphasize our technology.

It’s time for us to ride the wave of success to grow again and again! :P